17.08.1968 born in Hoyerswerda

1985 - 1987 apprenticeship as carpenter at "Gerüstbau Hoyerswerda"

1987 - 1990 self-employed work as a carpenter, joiner and woodcarver in GDR

1990 - 1999 traditional journeyman
  • further education and research, exclusive with handtools in traditional carpentry, joinery, logging, boatbuilding, millbuilding and woodcarving in Europe (Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Norway, Austria, Sweden and Switzerland)
  • research and documentation of historical buildings for example: windmills in Southern-France, hallbuilding in Alsace, stavebuilding in Norway
  • two years work only with a broad-axe at a project in Norway
1999 - 2001 stay in Himalaya
  • learning the skills of traditional woodwork and woodcarving in India (Kashmir, Kumaon, Ladakh), Nepal and Bhutan
  • research and documentation of historical woodwork and woodcarving in India (Kumaon, Sikkim), Nepal and Bhutan
  • further education in drawing by Bijay Basukala und Dr. N. Gutschow
  • taking part in the scientific publication "Doba, Momentaufnahme eines Dorfes im Nordwesten Nepals" under leadership of Prof. A. Brandt
2001 - 2002 working on the scientific research-project (for the German researchsociety) about "Kondh"- villages in Orissa (India) under leadership of Prof. A.Brandt and Dr. N. Gutschow; working as draughtsman and documenting

2002 further education at U Win Maung (architect and woodcarving master) in Mandalay/Myanmar (Birma)

since 2002 self-employed working in Germany, France, Sweden, Czech and Hungary as carpenter, joiner and woodcarver

2004 and 2006 two month each working and studying in Japan at a temple building master and a traditional carpenter

2008 restauration of "Manoir d´Hautot Mesnil" (Normandy/France) from the early 16 th century (classified monument) under direction of chief architect Regis Martin A.C.M.H.

stay in Iran / India / China / Japan
further education in Japanese saw-sharpening-technique at Master Shoichi Nagatsu (Ito)